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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Short Hiatus, but WIll Be Back After the 10th!

Happy July!

I am taking my second and last MTEL (Massachusetts Test for Educational Licensure) in the subject of English, so that I can become a licensed Middle School and High School English teacher in the great Commonwealth. The test is scheduled for Saturday, July 10th. So, it's crunch time! As such, my blogging is going on a teeny hiatus till after the test.

Actually, I can't promise that. Sometimes studying makes me procrastinate, and blogging is a great form of proscrastination. So, when my mind becomes to crammed with Jeopardy-like quizzing on world literature, I may just stop by to blog why straws suck (the theme of my next planned post!), maybe check in mid- to late week next week, but if there's nothing here, please don't panic. I will definitely be back the week the meantime, have a happy 4th!

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  1. how was the test? when do you find out if you passed? good job controlling your procrastination! I can certainly sympathize.. :-/ (i'm reading your blog instead of working on my writing..)