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Friday, April 16, 2010

Coming Soon...a blog about sustainability, social justice, and scraping by as a scribe

The title of this blog is a double entendre.  First, it's about trying to make a living as a scribe and fledgling member of the fourth estate at a time when both a severe recession and the ubiquitous presence of the internet have seriously undermined and undercut the market for good journalism. So, I will at times be writing about trying to make a living out of my writing and reporting.

But the second theme, which will probably pervade the blog, will be about surviving as both a society and a species at a time when several environmental issues threaten our continued existence on the planet (as well as that of countless other creatures)....Climate change. Overpopulation. Excessive pollution. Chemical exposure. Mass extinction. Resource shortages. Whether we are too busy to take the time to understand or ponder how these issues affect us in our personal lives, they almost certainly do. This blog will be part news reporting, and part commentary. It will also offer practical advice for applying sustainable techniques in our busy, workaday lives without packing a huge punch to the pocketbook. I intend to pull no punches, because when it comes to survival, I think it best to be straightforward.

You will see that I have Google and Amazon ads on my site. I am doing this in an attempt to turn a (probably very) meager income from the venture, but I don't harbor any grandiose illusions of huge profits. I feel ambivalent about this, as I have strong reservations about any union between the fourth estate with corporate interests. But we writers do need to eat (hence the first meaning of the title), and in the absence of alternatives, this is my method of sustenance for now. So if you want to show your support, check out the ads on the site, even if just for amusement.

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